Jason and Pam

 Below you can see a massive map showing the routes for most of the trips we have taken as well as links to all the 538 Buckys that we have done. I am not sure how easy it will be to access the information this way (especially using Google Chrome) but I thought it would be neat to try and put it all in one place. It is also theoretically possible that you want to download a smaller version of this map to use as a background wallpaper for your computer. You can get 1280 x 800, 1680 x 1050, 1920 x 1080 or even 3950 x 2200.   You may have noticed that I am fond of creating groups of links around a particular theme. What follows is a master list of all the groups with three word descriptions of each one and a link to the actual list.  1) Albert Bierstadt paintings 2) Accidental self portraits 3) Spontaneous Buckys stops 4) Bookstores I browsed 5) My bottle collection 6) Grocery store entries 7) My artistic projects 8) Descriptions that disappointed 9) Clandestine photographic images 10) Pictures of us 11) Various La Quintas 12) Frank Lloyd Wright 13) Gifts for Grandma 14) Hard found Buckys 15) Jason/Pam Buckys    
16) Our favourite Buckys 17) My various videos 18) Downtowns and Hotels 19) My psychic bids 20) Bizarre images captured 21) Things I found 22) Piers Anthony novels 23) Dilbert comic strips 24) Buckys in Wisconsin 25) Personally interesting architecture 26) Images times two 27) Rivers we visited 28) Sun shadow structure 29) Beautiful graphic designs 30) Impressive bridge Buckys 31) Try asking Pam 32) Great Lakes Tour 33) Florida/Quebec statues 34) Spontaneously beautiful images 35) Night time images 36) Near nudity available 37) Vladimir Kush images 38) My favourite Buckys 39) Tree themed Buckys 40) Flying J mugs 41) Premium Outlet models 42) NABC mixed pairs 43) Art museum Buckys 44) Peter Wolf Toth 45) Simple, sad, feminine 46) Bonus Image sections