Jason and Pam

    Back in 2009, Pam and I were on our way to the Spring National bridge tournament in Houston, Texas. At some point between Dallas and Houston, we began seeing signs for something called Buc-ee's. The signs were weird and obscure and started at least 150 miles away from the actual location. Naturally, my curiosity began to grow as I had two hours to imagine all the wonderful things that could be found at a Buc-ee's. Eventually, we reached Madisonville, Texas and the sign that said Turn Here for BUC-EE's!  Unfortunately, Pam was driving and she thought (not unreasonably) that stopping would make us late getting into Houston. 

    I was disappointed and over the next few days I began to tease Pam by describing things I would normally like as, “Well, that was nice but I'm sure it's no Buckys.”  Obviously, my attitude was adding nothing to the trip so fate intervened and about a week later we saw signs for another Buc-ee's in Freeport, Texas.  We immediately drove in and discovered that Buc-ee's is a (slightly better than average) gas station and convenience store.  I was at least as disappointed as I had been when we initially drove by the first Buc-ee's.  Pam was amused though and began teasing me by describing things she would normally dislike as, “Well, that was okay but at least it was no Buckys.”

    Eventually, a Buckys became our code for a quirky place that you can look forward to arriving at but in actuality is probably going to be a bit disappointing.  Essentially, a Buckys is all about harnassing the pleasure of anticipation and imagination to make a long drive more enjoyable.  So, in 2010 when Pam and I were planning our two month California bridge road trip, I ended up creating a list of 80 different Buckys that one or the other of us could look forward to visiting.  For some reason, I made it a rule that I had to take at least one picture at each Buckys we decided to stop at.  Those pictures (and a habit that I picked up on the trip called the bridge Hand of the Day) became the nucleus for this website. 

    So, if any of this sounds interesting to you then take a look at the recent Buckys and Bridge trips that Pam and I have taken to California, Montana, Florida, Alberta, Québec and Arizona.  In addition, I have also attached some photos and bridge hands from such places as Detroit, Las Vegas, Houston, Penticton, Seattle and (in May 2014) Calgary and (in July 2014) Las Vegas.  None of these were Buckys trips but it seemed appropriate to include them on this website.