What) A 20 foot tall mouth-breathing Sasquatch at a rest station with a loincloth, fangs, creepy white eyes (no pupils) and his thumb out would very much like a lift. He is often dressed up, holding a flag, political poster, fishing rod or whatever. I remember being told when I stopped by that the owner has a microphone hooked up to the head so he can he can have some fun with busloads of foreign tourists and the like. (1)

    Where) On the highway in front of Piston Ring Service at Elm Street

    Why) Pam claims that she would never pick up a hitchhiker even though she spent time hitchhiking in her youth. Now, when we see someone looking for a ride I ask her why she wouldn't pick up that particular person. When we see this Bigfoot I won't have to ask her that question.

What is there to say about these two pictures other than "It is what it is."

Here I am doing my best Bigfoot impression.

My favourite part of the stop was actually the logo on the back of this nearby van.